Welcome to Miralaghi!


It’s all around you!

Come to Miralaghi and discover some of the most interesting and beautiful areas of Italy. Located between Umbria and Tuscany, you can admire splendid works of art dating back from the Roman-Etruscan civilization throughout to the Renaissance.

You can see all around a handful of interesting villages such as Città della Pieve (16km), Castiglione del Lago, Perugia (35 km), and Assisi (60 km), all located in Umbria. You can also see Chiusi (12 km), Montepulciano (25 km) and Cortona (35 km), all located in Tuscany.

If you want to spend time in the nature, you can find in the nearby Trasimeno Lake (15 km), Chiusi Lake (22 km), Cetona Mountains (32 km) and Amiata Mountains (55 km).

Finally, you can live a cosmopolitan experience in Orvieto (50 km) Siena (95 km), Firenze (135 km) and Rome (145 km). All these cities are well connected by train!

In the same property you can enjoy wonderful excursions by foot or on mountain bike, through our unspoiled natural paths in our dense woodlands full of wildlife. You can also take a picnic to our fishing pond!

If you are tired, you can relax in the heated pools or amaze yourself playing bowls, ping-pong and soccer table. Children will enjoy our playground for sure! You can also eat out in the nearby restaurants or try our local gourmet specialities, highlighting our olive oil.

At night, you will be amazed by a spectacular view of the dark sky, crowded with stars, and framed by the surrounding valleys, all lit up by hundreds of pin-point lights.

Whether you look for culture, art, nature or relaxation, you can find everything in Miralaghi!