Nature in Miralaghi

The hill, between two valleys, has an ideal microclimate, with a gentle breeze that cools the air in the day, a strong temperature range that brings the temperature at night to 18° and 20° C, 65-68 F in Summer. The winter is mild because is never foggy.

Inside the estate we have many species of wild animals : foxes, roe deer, hedgehogs, porcupines, wild boars, hares, squirrels and fire-flies in June, July. Hawks often circle above us. A family of barn owls is often seen at night. Robin, jay, hoopoe, green-peak, bee-eaters and other birds are usual visitors. Pheasants and partridges are often set free here.

Spring is flower season and it last well into autumn with violets, wild flowers, sun-flowers and cyclamens. From the end of September until the beginning of November you can find many species of mushrooms.

For a unique experience join us the first week-enk.d of November for the olive harvest.

At night, don’t miss the show of the dark sky crowded with stars; almost every day we can see naked eye the ISS or the STAR LINK TRAIN.